A morning last week was one of my happiest mornings in a while, thanks to an unexpected notification I found (my mornings are usually too hurried for any emotions to get acknowledged for longer than a few minutes).
Arvind Vairavan (mycastleofdreams.wordpress.com) nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award (thank you so much, Arvind, again). I think everyone should hop over to his blog and definitely read the ‘I’m a hypocrite‘ post. We’re all hypocrites, but I came to realize a few more ways in which I’m one after reading it.
As a rule of continuing the chain, I’m required to write any seven things about me, as well as nominate any 15 blogs of my choice in turn. So, here goes:

About me:

1. ‘My ambition is handicapped by laziness.’

2. I’ve never related to anything as much as I relate to this:CQ5E8jcUkAAgAG8.png

I’m terrible at being Bill too. A couple of times I’ve tried to tell myself I was Benedict.

3. I’m a master procrastinator. It doesn’t matter what it is. Could be taking a bath, could be studying for a Semester exam. I’m at my most productive after midnight, so I just postpone everything until then. Its almost like a serious illness. My brain has no control over me.

4. I almost failed 12th grade Maths.
Every time I looked at my Maths textbook all I could think of was running away to the forest. Living as a tribal.
Otherwise, I planned to take a bus just before the boards and never come back. I was going to just live on the road.
That particular day-dream will never leave my mind. It’s always there. The scene in the movie Forrest Gump where Forrest just stops thinking and runs and runs, from coast to coast without turning back and without giving an explanation is one of my favorite scenes ever.

5. I rely on Atticus Finch to decide what to do sometimes. I just think ‘if Atticus was in my place, what would he do?’ It helps.

6. I hate routine. I hate it. Thinking about having it as an indelible part of life hardly fails to bring on an existential crisis for me. Some other things I resent are narrow-mindedness, being judgmental, rules (in an institution, in society, everywhere), and wastage of anything, especially food (I don’t understand how anyone can throw it; food is very important to me).

7. I wish I was a feral child sometimes, because I have no idea how much of what I believe and do is my own brain talking and how much is society-conditioning.

The 15 great blogs I nominate in turn:

  1. Kelley’s DIY
  2. Fertile Curiosity
  3. Winterblume
  4. Marcus Antoninus
  5. Michael Stephen Wills
  6. parchedsouls
  7. Sonyboy Fugaban
  8. S.S.Hicks
  9. The Sunflower Collective
  10. A Dreamer’s Destination
  11. Jennifer Menninger
  12. FCM
  13. Mike
  14. Brian Lageose
  15. An Armchair Perfectionist

There are so many art, fashion, photography, cooking and writing blogs I’d like to nominate, if not for the 15-blog limit.

After years

Conversations continue
Night looks in
Hours slip by.
Shadows play
Words fall
A dining table, round, sits in the middle.
Cadences rise and fall
Faces – open
Re-learn each other.
It’s dark outside
Air going cooler,
Still outside their quiet bubble.
It’s nearing morning when they part
Voids in their hearts filled –
The spaces that hadn’t announced they were empty.

She saw the best in him,
ignored all the rest.
She pieced together a version of him,
made up of only those parts of him that she saw
and loved.
He looked into her eyes,
and saw that image of him
beautiful and better –
so much better.
It wasn’t him,
and yet it was him.
He transformed in her presence.
Strove to be the man she loved.
She transformed him,
not by talking,
not by advising –
simply by believing.