Before escape

Shrouded in woods
Flirtatious flicking firelight
A forest scene
Sounds –
Moisture crackling
Twigs snapping
Leaves rustling
A sudden trill
Steady breaths
Silence in between.

Moving ahead
deeper inside
Feet fall on forest floor
Fail at attempted noiselessness
Pace cautious,
heart thundering
Move closer to the thickset woods
Clamp down on fear –
Don’t stop, keep moving –
because there, there – do you see it?
There hides your escape route.


5 thoughts on “Before escape

  1. Hi Paradoxical Vagabond. Get the imagination tingling! Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Interested in all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Observing this crazy violent and unstable society! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Glad you liked my poems “Far Below! Impulse! and Almighty Glory!” Great to meet you. Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

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