Some eyes look for mirrors in those of others’, and when they find them, when they see their reflection staring back, they reach out and grasp the soul that holds them; comfort, understanding, familiarity and knowledge pass through in a blink — that’s when instantaneous connections are formed. That’s when they click.
Some eyes read others. They look into ten different other pairs and collect ten different stories. Then they continue on their way. They may be judges, they may not. They may look away instantly, or they may hold their gaze.
Some eyes search for plain honesty. Every time they find it, they stay back until they find a piece of themselves to resonate with. They are the ones who become a facet of themselves to each person they meet. They can be known as shy to one and as fierce to another.
There are other types, too. There are those who are ignorant, lost, who walk past people in a haze of blindness to the effect they cause. They can attack without provocation or withdraw unto themselves without being attacked. It is not reaction from others that they thirst for, it is assurance for themselves.
There are some who keep the biggest parts of themselves under layers of timidness or plain goodness. They quietly create acceptance everywhere they go — whether they realize it or not. Most of us brush past several of these humans everyday. We don’t notice them.
Its those of us who do stop to take notice who are rewarded with the knowledge of another pure personality. Not just the layer of overlying kindness — everything.

Humans have these eyes. These many different types. These facets, constantly changing.
And then there are animals, who have just one: a mix of loving, trusting, timid, defensive, curious, eager, measuring. Unconditional.


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