They mapped out the stars together knowing they couldn’t see the end
It didn’t stop them from lying there, waiting, waiting, noticing as new ones kept showing up,
just this side of the ones they were already staring at.
I noticed how the sky was much more full than it had been when they’d looked at it first, the magnetic pull of their gazes beckoning the hidden stars closer, one by one.

They watched as the streams, love children of the earth and the rain, trickled out, newly born, to disappear into the stones and cease to exist for the eyes of the world. It reminded them, a bit, of themselves.

They turned back to look at the deserted land through the haze of their parting. There were no humans waving in farewell, no one but the rocks and trees to see the last of them. It was silent except for the soft movements of one of the parting boys who turned his back to the rest and waved anyway.


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