A Memory

The sun shines across her lips
curved upwards,
a mystery unsolved
The stars twinkle, caged in her eyes
a light coming through, from miles away
Rainbows squabble in the lilt of her laugh
A sound bound to welcome you home
She holds an ocean, laughing in her palms
An eternal elixir of life and beauty
Aged and wrinkled,
She gazes at the sky
Her heart in tandem with the wind’s sighs
Her son’s laughter echoing in her ears,
She smiles up at the rain, a flame in her eyes
She watches him walk into the frolicking moonlight,
Twilight rushing after his fading form
His smile, more spirited than ever,
Encompasses her in its untouched paragon.
She takes him in, fingers reaching out
grazing his brow, to caress him once again.
The memory of his love glistening in her eyes
she turns away from the window,
More beatific than ever.


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